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Construction Updates

Project 3 – South Airfield Drainage, Phase I & II

Currently In Progress:


North Apron Reconstruction Phase I, II & III - Reconstruction of the North Apron pavement by CSW Contractors.  Start Date:  09/20/16.  Progress Point:  Construction of Phase 4 was completed on June 23, 2017 and work started on Final Phase 5 on June 26, 2017.  Sub-Phase 5A will begin on August 15, 2017.   Estimated Completion Date:  Mid-September, 2017.


South Central Fire Protection Tanks Roof Replacement - Replace Roofs on Water Tanks.  Start Date:  02/06/17.  Progress Point:  Revolution Industrial has the roof steel frame and sheathing set on the second tank and should have all welding complete by July 1, 2017.  Estimated Completion Date:  August 1, 2017.


Fuel Facility Renewal/Catwalk & Walkways - Project consists of safety and functional upgrades including new catwalks and fall protection for all Jet-A fuel tanks.  Start Date: 08/15/16.  Progress Point:  Phase III, consisting of additional fall protection and access catwalks is underway by CSW Contractors.  Estimated Completion Date:  August, 2017.


Planning, Design and Studies:


SSCP Queue and Terminal Improvements - DWL Architects + Planners, Inc. are providing Architectural and Engineering Design Services for the SSCP Queue and Terminal Improvements project including modification to the TSA Security Screening Checkpoint Queuing (SSCP) and Arrivals exit lane area; as well as bollard hardening at the curbside.  Start Date:  October, 2016.  Progress Point:  Design 70% complete, CMAR advertisement has been put out for RFQ with a due date of July 20, 2017.  Estimated Completion Date:  September, 2017 for design, CMAR award anticipated September 19, 2017


Terminal Roadway Traffic Analysis & Concept Study - Dibble Engineering is designing the Sossaman Road and Terminal Roadway Improvements project taking selected improvements outlined in the west Terminal Optimization (WTO) Study to facilitate expanded volume and ease of flow to, in front of and from the Terminal area.  Start Date:  October, 2016.  Progress Point:  Dibble is working on the design effort and will have a 60% plans and specifications submittal ready for PMGAA to review in early July.  Estimated Completion Date:  December 2017.


Taxiway Alpha Design & Construct - PMGAA Board approved an Authorization of Services for Dibble Engineering to update and prepare plans and specifications for biding the reconstruction of Taxiway Alpha from Taxiway’s November to Lima.  Start Date:  October, 2016.  Progress Point:  After staff evaluation, Nesbitt Contracting was determined the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.  Pending the FAA Grant award and Board approval in July, construction will begin in early September 2017.  Estimated Completion Date for Construction:  April 2018.


Ellsworth Channel Relocation- Final Design – Final design of the Relocation of the Ellsworth Channel.  Start Date: April, 2017. Progress Point: 60% plans are currently being prepared and coordinated with various agencies. Design Completion Date:  2018.

Tentative construction Fall 2019


Environmental Assessment for a Proposed New Air Traffic Control Tower - EA is being developed to include construction of the new tower and demolition of the existing tower.  Start Date:  April, 2017.  Progress Point:  Under development by Landrum & Brown.  Estimated Completion Date:  January, 2018.


Recently Completed Projects:


Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update - Ricondo & Associates will examine the applicability and validity of the current Airport Planning Area (APA), Overflight Zones and implemented measures used in land use planning with adjacent communities.  The planning horizon will be based on future airport activity levels and not specific years.  Start Date: January 2015. Progress Point: Board approval of the study recommendations occurred on 2/21/17.


Environmental Assessment for the Northeast Area Development Plan - The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Northeast Area Development Plan, led by Ricondo & Associates, began in July 2013. This project provides a complete environmental assessment for the future Northeast of the airport.  Start Date: July 2013. Progress Point: FAA issued Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and Record of Decision (ROD) on 3/21/2017.  Completion Date:  March, 2017.


For more information, please contact the Engineering & Facilities Team at 480-988-7628 or via email: