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Documents And Forms Library

Current Planning Studies
1999 FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program
Williams Gateway Area - ULI Summary Report Sept 2006
Mesa General Plan
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport - Airport Master Plan Executive Summary
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport - Airport Master Plan
Gateway 2030 Executive Summary
NADP Final Technical Report June 2012
Gateway 2030 Exec Summary Phase I Insert

Design Review Documents
Aero Business Park Design Guidelines
Aero Business Park Signage Guidelines
Airport Design Guidelines
Building Development Design Theme - Desert Tech Arch
Design Review Committee Approved Color Palette
Landscape Master Plan
Tenant Improvement Request Form
PMGAA Comprehensive Sign Plan

Forms and Applications
Agreement Application
Company Security Media Authorization form
GAS Aircraft Hangar.Parking Space Rental Agreement - Individuals
Airport Security Badge Application
Key Application
Badge Return Form
Commercial Real Estate Brokers Agents Policy
CHRC Verification Guidelines
Criminal History Records Check Form

Human Resources
Legal Postings
Reasonable Accommodation Request
Recruitment Process
Position Titles and Salary Ranges

Regulatory Documents
Airport Minimum Standards
Airport Rules and Regulations
Common Use Facility Operating Procedure
Airport Rates and Charges
Rates and Charges EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2014
Delay Contingency Plan
PMGAA Aviation Fuel Storage, Dispensing & Handling Guidelines

2013 Economic Impact Study
PFC Compliance Audit Final Report 2013
Single Audit Report FY13
Strategic Business Plan
Annual Financial Report FY13
Annual Financial Report FY12
Annual Financial Report FY11
Annual Financial Report FY10
Annual Financial Report FY09
Annual Financial Report FY 08
Annual Financial Report FY 07
Annual Financial Report FY06
Annual Financial Report FY 05

Governing Organizational Documents
Joint Powers Airport Authority Agreement 2013
Airport Authority Intergovernmental Agreement and Amendment No. 1 2013
Airport Authority Bylaws 2007
Quit Claim Deed 1998
Original Purpose and Goal Intergovernmental Agreement 1992

Board Policies
Advertising Agreement Approval 12-49
Airport Budget Policy 12-14
Bond Compliance Procedure 12-20
Capital Improvement Program 11-11
Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents 09-28
Investment Policy 12-42
Procurement Policy 07-33
Use of Phx Funds 06-61

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